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20 Back to School Organizing Tips

Organize as best you can but remember to have some fun!

20 Back to School Organizing Tips

(Tweeted by Shara Lawrence-Weiss on August 13th, 2010)

The tips below were provided by the following two businesses:

  1. Mommy Perks
  2. Organizing without Limits

Tip #1: Remember that every child is different and will adjust in different ways/time frames. Don’t think you need to be “perfectly organized.”

Tip #2: Establish a “needs actions from mom” area (school papers to sign, homework to check, etc).

Tip #3: Organizing Tips from Simplify 101

Tip #4: As soon as you get the school calendar, input all dates into your calendar.

Tip #5: 12 back to school organizing tips from School Family

Tip #6: Design one spot in your home for extra school supplies.

Tip #7: Be sure to leave time for free play in each day. Don’t over-schedule your child. This can be very stressful for everyone. Kids need free time.

Tip #8: Make a “to do” check list for your kids. Start practicing it 2 weeks before school starts.

Tip #9: Also remember even the most organized mom will have crazy pull your hair out mornings. It’s okay!

Tip #10: Establish a bookbag emptying routine.

Tip #11: Back to School Tips from Kids Health

Tip #12: Moms – consider getting in the habit of waking before everyone else and getting yourself ready for the day.

Tip #13: Meal planning will save your sanity on those crazy busy days. (Try an online help program like EZ Meals if needed!)

Tip #14: Easy Organizing from Good Housekeeping

Tip #15: Have quick breakfast items ready for extra busy mornings (muffins, granola bars, etc).

Tip #16: Purchase extra school items as soon as the Back to School sales begin. Stock up early for the year when items are 25 cents, etc!

Tip #17: Pre-make lunches the night before, if you plan to pack lunches for your kiddo(s).

Tip #18: Shop online to save time & money when possible. Here are the Mommy Perks Back to School picks.

Tip #19: Many kids feel stress when starting a new school year. That’s normal. Plan a family game night or living room picnics, etc. Have fun!

Tip #20: Do what works best for your family, kids & situation. Every home is different – organize as best you can and leave the guilt behind :-)

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  1. Cheri Ramage says:

    Wow! your web page has some really good information. Is there any way that I can input some good organization tips from my boss Grace Brooke Professional Organizer and writer of Simplify & Thrive? Please contact back.

    Thank you.
    Cheri Ramage
    Administrative Manager
    Grace Brooke


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