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Teacher Appreciation Week: May 3-7, 2010 – All kinds of ideas!

Teacher Appreciation Week is May 3-7, 2010. Take a moment to view this 3 minute movie: Heart of a Teacher from (thanks to Barbara Blalock for sharing the video).

Do you have anything planned for your child’s teacher(s)? Would you like some ideas?

Mommy Perks has you covered! Scroll down for gift ideas, Perk ideas, ways to create a gift without spending a lot of money, helpful links and more:

Gift Ideas that teachers love:

1. Teachers spend up to 15% of their salary on classroom needs, according to some polls. Therefore, many teachers appreciate gift cards to teacher stores or craft stores. Even a $5 or $10 card makes a nice gift, especially if a few parents offer this – they add up!

2. If your child’s teacher enjoys coffee, consider a gift card to Starbucks or a local mom-and-pop coffee house.

3. Select items from the store that you  know your child’s teacher would enjoy or utilize in the classroom. Make a gift basket at home. Involve your child in this process, of course, to make it more personal.

4. Movie-buff teachers have expressed their interest in receiving movie theater tickets as gifts.

5. Does your child’s classroom need music? Consider purchasing a classroom-appropriate CD to help stock the music center. For instance: Simple Songs for Preschool (great for early childhood teachers).

6. Michelle Spelman recommends giving the teacher a board or card game that can be used in the classroom and enjoyed by everyone.

7. Michelle Spelman also suggests giving your teacher a golf umbrella featuring the hand prints of the children in the classroom. This gift is especially useful in a location that receives a great deal of rain (use waterproof paints for the hand prints!)

8. Consider purchasing some children’s books to help stock the classroom library.

9. If the teacher enjoys reading, you might like to purchase a book store gift card for her/his personal use.

10. Most teachers would love to have a digital camera in their classroom (if not already). If you plan to spend a large sum of money, a digital camera would be a top suggested gift.

11. Jennifer Malcolm says:

“Last year what we did at my kiddos school was make sure each teacher/assistant received something special each day for the entire week. I was in charge of Kindergarten and so I contacted a few parents from that grade and assigned them a day and they took care of each teacher and assistant for all 3 classes.  Some ideas included flowers, Krispy Kreme donuts, fresh picked fruit, bagels/juice, lunch, etc.  It was neat to see parents getting involved and the teachers certainly appreciated it.”

12. Melissa Taylor says: Cash is always a great gift idea for any teacher!

10 Ideas for Perks and Unique Gift Ideas:

1. Give the teacher in your life a one year membership to the website. Regular rate is $40 per year. offers our Mommy Perks members a HALF price membership.

2. Sign up at Barnes & Noble or Borders (online). Watch your in-box for a coupon code. Use that coupon code to purchase a book that you know the teacher would enjoy. You can also find great prices on new books at Sam’s Club and Costco.

3. Check your local area for a warehouse like Treasures 4 Teachers. If you have something like this, consider purchasing the teacher a membership. The reduce/reuse/recycle concepts are not only beneficial to the environment but also to the classroom!

4. For teachers who work with ages 3-7, consider purchasing the Bing Note self-esteem building materials for classroom use. Choose from the book and CD, workbook, puppet (great for classroom puppet shows) and more. Enter PERKS to save 20% on any purchase (excludes the apron and smock).

5. Does your child’s teacher work with the hearing impaired community or with children who have special needs? She/He would benefit from the Signing Families ASL DVD with 100+ signs (this DVD is not animated). If the teacher works in emergency situations, the Emergency ASL DVD in English/Spanish would make a perfect gift. Email Louise for a 10% discount!

6. To help stock the teacher’s classroom library, hit some yard sales and thrift stores. Pick up any books that you think would be useful to the students. Wrap them all nicely with a big bow! This is a wonderful GREEN gift that will be appreciated for years to come.

7. Don’t have much money to spend? That’s okay. Many teachers are seeking new ideas to use in their classroom: arts and crafts, re-use and recycle concepts, etc. Search the Internet and collect unique and interesting ideas. Print and put the pages into a nice binder. Organize by category and whallah! You now have a terrific, useful gift that demonstrates your appreciation of the teacher’s time and his/her need for resources (see the list of websites below to get you started).

8. Consider writing a letter to your child’s teacher, involving your child in the process. What character traits do you admire about the teacher? What makes him/her special? How has the teacher impacted your child’s life and learning? Everyone loves a little pat on the back…a letter like this will do the trick!

9. Is there a student teacher in the classroom? Be sure to include any aids in Appreciation Week – they work hard to keep the classroom organized and running smoothly.

10. Unless the teacher walks or rides a bike to school, chances are, they spend a large sum of money on gas each week. Consider buying a gas card…no doubt this would be much appreciated!


  1. For teachers in the tween/teen field, be sure to tell them about Basic memberships are now FREE. – where online safety comes first.
  2. Tell your child’s teacher about Volunteer Spot – a FREE online resource for their volunteer needs.

Helpful Links:

1. Teacher-Appreciation: ideas, quotes, famous teachers and more

2. Check the PERKS area for more unique gift giving ideas

3. If you plan to create the Activity Binder for the teacher in your life, check out these sites:

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5 Responses to “Teacher Appreciation Week: May 3-7, 2010 – All kinds of ideas!”

  1. Lindsay says:

    Thanks for some great ideas! For an added idea, I am making my daughter’s teacher(s) and my son’s speech pathologist some homemade koozies for coffee or even pop cans – so there’s another cheaper route to go. Even pair a koozie with a gift card.


  2. Deborah says:

    I work with young children and wanted to share this..

    I received a lovely letter from a mother one time where she expressed to me how much she valued my work with her daughter. She didn’t give me the letter though – she gave it to my boss and asked my boss to read it to me. I will never forget that and it truly did make me feel appreciated.

  3. Lindsay says:

    Oh what a FANTASTIC idea Deborah. Now I need to do that for my son’s speech pathologist!

  4. You are the best, thanks for “Sharing Shara” :)

  5. carleen says:

    Thanks Deborah! I missed Teacher Appreciation Day, but am writing out thank you notes as I type for the principal to give to my kids’ teachers tomorrow (still Teacher Appreciation Week)


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