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Easter Gift Ideas {candy-free}

Scroll down to check out the candy-free Easter Gift Ideas. Be sure to use their PERK code when shopping so you tap into the discounts!

Crafts from Bolivia

PERK: 10% off. Please email Sue to request your discount. Must mention Mommy Perks.

Slimy Bookworm

PERK: 15% off. Enter EASTER at check-out.

Featured books (click an image to open):

Sprinkle Me Pink

PERK: 15% off. Enter MOP15 at check-out. 25% – 50% off select items on the sale page (you can use the MOP15 code to save an additional 15% on top of the sale prices!)

Etsy Website: 20% off all Sprinkle Me Pink Etsy Products from now until 4/7/12. Enter HippetyHop20 at check-out.

Featured products (click an image to open):

gifts for girls

The Boy’s Store

PERK: 20% off. Enter M2005 at check-out.

Featured products (click an image to open):

Splendipity Inc

PERK: 20% off. Enter PERKS at check-out.

Featured product (click the image to open):

onesies for twins

Shaklee (Dawn Oliphant)

PERK: Free gift with purchase. Please email Dawn and mention Mommy Perks.

Featured product (click the image to open):

Little Journey’s World

PERK: 15% off. Enter PERKS15 at check-out.

Featured products (click an image to open):

Peacock Pottery

PERK: 15% off. Enter perks15 at check-out.

Featured product (click the image to open):

Crafty Baby

PERK:$5 flat rate shipping on any order.

Featured product (click the image to open):

 Happy Easter everyone!

*The businesses featured on this page are Mommy Perks advertisers and/or clients.

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7 Responses to “Easter Gift Ideas {candy-free}”

  1. Susan K. says:

    Look at all the AWESOME Easter gifts for little ones!!! Sooooooo sweet!!! Thanks for posting & sharing with everyone.

  2. Thanks including Slimy Bookworm is your Easter gift guide.

  3. You’re welcome, Susan and Bola :-)

  4. Dawn says:


    The post looks great!! WOW, what really neat gifts.

    Thanks for all you do to help us grow our business!!!


  5. You’re welcome, Dawn!

  6. Jessie says:

    Fantastic Easter Gift Guide – full of great ideas! We are doing minimal candy this year for the kids – they are only going to get one chocolate bunny each, a book and a few small trinkets.

  7. admin says:

    Thanks, Jessie. Sounds like a good plan to limit the gifts. We do the same thing. I always get Easter Bags from Caroline (Little Journey’s World) and fill those with some small gifts. I hang them on the kid’s doorknobs and they love it!! They wake up to their little bags.

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