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10 things worth spending money on

Mommy Perks logoWe often get so wrapped up in a “good deal” that we forget: some things really are worth spending money on! With that in mind…

Here are ten things we believe are worth a few extra bucks:

1. A really great pair of jeans – The ones that make you feel like a rock star.

2. Moisturizer with an SPF – For your face and body. Who wants to get “wrinkly” before their time?

3. Music – Music always lifts your spirits, so spend money on music that “grooves your soul.”

4. A comfortable Mattress – Everyone needs a good night sleep, so spend money on buying a decent one to last you for years to come.

5. A Babysitter – Everyone needs time away from their children, a night out, a movie or just an afternoon nap. Hire a babysitter and enjoy!

Shared by Leah, owner of Peacock Pottery

1. Shoes – After the birth of my first son, my mother said: “Every child needs GOOD shoes that fit their feet well and help them walk steadily.” This goes for grownups, also.

2. Games – We own 100+ games in our home. Games can run anywhere from $5-50 but in my opinion, it’s worth the cost. Games teach communication skills, critical thinking skills, math, reading, sharing, turn taking, sportsmanship and more.

3. Chocolate and Treats – Now and again, it’s nice to treat yourself to something you enjoy. Rick and I love to share a good chocolate bar, while watching re-runs and snuggling. The world around us may not be faring so well, but forgetting about that, for a short while, is worth the money spent.

4. Books – Whether you purchase books from the store, from a yard sale, or from a thrift shop, it’s worth your moola. Multiple studies have demonstrated the positive influence between academic success and homes filled with books.

5. Staycations – I’m a big believer in the need for breaks and family fun. You may not be able to afford big holidays so a staycation might fit the bill, nicely. We have a local hotel near us that provides a special rate, because the owner knows we patron his establishment a few times each year, with our kids. We play games in the room, go swimming, go for a walk outside, run out to get some dinner, watch TV together, etc.

Shared by Shara, owner of Mommy Perks

Perhaps you have a different perspective when it comes to spending money on “things that matter.” Feel free to share!

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2 Responses to “10 things worth spending money on”

  1. Sonya says:

    Love this… my ‘personal’ top 3 would be mattress, shoes and bra!

  2. Shara says:

    Ahhh…… so true! A good bra is a must!

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