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Upcoming product, book and music reviews (revised list) Septebmer 4, 2012

Mommy Perks logoMy old waiting list has just about seen it’s completion. It’s time for an updated list!

Here are our current upcoming reviews. I’ll be doing no more than two reviews per month (so that the business owner receives adequate time and attention).

  1. Butt Bench (product review)
  2. Where in the world is away? (book review on our ECE site)
  3. Hullaballoo Raise a Ruckus (CD review)
  4. Gownies (product review)
  5. Who’s Little? (clothing review)
  6. eFoods Direct (food review)
  7. Mommy Masters (CD review)
  8. Happy Nappers (toy review)
  9. Not Just Any Old Day (jewelry review)
  10. Premama - prenatal vitamin drink mix (review)
  11. Ben Rudnick – Love is a superpower (CD review)
  12. DaddyScrubs (backpack review)
  13. Sukey Molloy’s CD, I Am Sleepy! (CD review)
  14. The Little Acorn – Light Bulb Pillow
  15. BUTCH & harold (wall decal review)
  16. Little Pnuts (toy and game review)


Please view our Services and Terms page.

Additional reviews will be added, periodically, over time.

Last updated: December 13, 2012

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