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Dragonfly’s Hollow hand made doll – Little Ava

handmade doll

Little Ava – hand made doll from Dragonsfly’s Hollow

Celeb Hoopla recently worked with Nancy, owner of Dragonfly’s Hollow, to present a hand made doll to Kimberly Van Der Beek.

Nancy’s adorable doll was carefully crafted with love and shipped off as a gift for Kimberly – someone that Nancy admires. Nancy enjoys Kimberly’s blog posts and parenting style and wanted her kiddo to have a special doll.

I love the doll’s hair! She reminds me of Punky Brewster from back in the day: a little spitfire. It also makes me think back to my own childhood when dolls were more often hand made. My sisters and I had hand made ‘cabbage patch’ dolls with big soft faces. Those dolls lasted into my adulthood, so carefully crafted by a grandmother’s loving hands.

We had ‘hand made’ barbie dolls, too, but I won’t go there. They were far less desirable looking. LOL

You can check out the photos of Little Ava on the Womentorz fan page or click the image below to visit Nancy’s site!

Dragonfly's Hollow hand made dolls

Little Ava – Dragonfly’s Hollow


Disclosure: Dragonfly’s Hollow is a client of Celeb Hoopla

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