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Home-made books for early learners (Sixty Second Parent)

I recently met (via twitter) Michelle Hutchinson from Sixty Second Parent.

After looking over my PCS site, Michelle explained to me that she used to create home-made books for her child. I asked if she had photos to share and she did!

To create a home-made book like this you will need the following items:

  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Pens
  • Construction paper
  • Photos of your child
  • A *comb* binding machine
    • buy this on ebay, amazon or from your local office supply store
  • Comb bindings
    • purchase on ebay, amazon or from your local office supply store
  • Contact paper for the cover and back pages
    • or you can pay to have them laminated BEFORE you do the binding

Here is the cover:

Cover of the book.

Here is one of the inside pages:

Possible variations here: add words next to each photo like "Looking," "Lying down" and "Crawling."

An added touch:

A special poem written by mommy.

Mention your child’s special room:

Focus on your child's personal space. Let him/her know this space is special - unique to his/her personality.

Help your child relate to feelings and emotions using magazine cut-outs:

You could include images from magazines that clearly demonstrate expressions such as Serious and Content.

If possible, work on this project with your child. He/She will love helping you, talking about the images and the book you are creating – making memories!

Follow Sixty Second Parent on Twitter.

Thanks for sharing your story with us, Michelle!

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