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Twitter Hats are back, baby! First up: Diaper-bag-cowboy-hat

Some time ago I featured various silly hats on Twitter and soon after, people began asking me to wear their hats. I agreed to do so after Louise Sattler suggested I wear hats for charity. Background info: Twitter Charity Hats press release Sign up for Charity Hats! Who participated? She Posts site (featuring the hats) At the end of the hat campaign I hacked 12 inches of my hair off for charity!... read more

Twitter Charity Hats: Little Journey’s World

Remember the Twitter Charity Hat Campaign from last year? I ended up with a waiting list of nearly a year! After taking photo after photo of myself (or my kids) wearing a hat, and then promoting those photos on twitter and facebook…and blogging about each one…I needed a little break. Today – I’m BACK! I only have a hat or two to finish up and for some reason, today just seemed like... read more

Twitter charity scarves | Twitter charity hats (Join Louise!)

Most of you are now familiar with the Twitter Charity Hats campaign that I ran last year. I’m currently on a break and will consider picking up again soon. My waiting list needs to be updated with a few changes and then I will re-asses. In the meantime, Louise (Signing Families) has decided to start up her own Twitter Scarves campaign. This decision comes on the heels of a recent surgery that Louise... read more

Twitter Charity Hat #21:

What’s the Mommy Perks Twitter Charity Hat campaign all about? Bottom Line: A small business ships me a hat with their logo on it (or we Photoshop one on). I then wear the hat on twitter for one week in exchange for their donation to a family-friendly charity. The small business gets free PR for a week and the charity receives a donation. Win-Win! The following businesses have donated to a charity (of... read more

Big day for my hair today. Big, big day.

Not long ago I decided to chop for charity. Today was the day. Becky drove up (very kind of her) and hacked away. She asked me if I was going to cry. I nearly did (don’t tell her). So much hair to cut – so thick – I had become quite fond of it and really enjoyed being able to pull it back and out of my face. I’ll be shipping my hair to Locks of Love soon. I have to fill out the... read more

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