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Traits That Lead To Happiness

Focus on these traits in order to raise your level of happiness. Traits That Lead To Happiness Guest post submitted by Diane Lang 1. Vulnerability – being vulnerable opens you to up to all new possibilities/opportunities. You become open to love by being your true self and showing that part of you to others. Without vulnerability we can’t truly be happy. Vulnerability is not a sign of... read more

Health Tips from The Mommy MD Guides

Health Tips from The Mommy MD Guides Below you will find a graphic offering New Year’s tips, courtesy of The Mommy MD Guides. Feel free to print the poster or share it with your... read more

Chew On This: Infographic (food safety)

Chew On This: Infographic (food safety) Below is an infographic created by MBA Healthcare Management. The information covers food-borne illness and offers suggestions for preventing illness through safe prepping and cooking... read more

How to Change the Look of Drab Mini-Blinds

How to Change the Look of Drab Mini-Blinds Guest post submitted by Tess Young Some people prefer to leave their windows bare and without any drapes, curtains or blinds while other people enjoy heavy decoration. The choice is yours, but the addition of window dressings will certainly add to the appeal of the home. Dressing up windows means the drapes, curtains or blinds need to match the décor and style of... read more

Happy Resurrection Easter Passover Feast of The Unleavened Bread Chocolate Bunny Egg Jelly Bean Peeps Holy Day!!!!!

On my private Facebook wall I shared a comment with my friends about the banning of the word Easter in schools. I was told, during an art lesson, that I was no longer allowed to make “Easter crafts” with the kids – they must be named “Spring crafts.” I made the following comment on my Facebook page: “Banning the term Easter in schools now. They do realize that Easter is... read more

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