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Flip2BFit fitness game for kids: Interview with the owner and a code for 20% off

Tell us about your games. Flip2BFit and Bakari are fitness driven games, designed to get everyone up, moving, laughing, and having fun with family and friends. This is accomplished as players move around a game board or look for matches, while trying to win, completely forgetting about the fact that they are exercising! I modeled the exercises around the core routines that I use myself when I work out:... read more

Father’s Day gift ideas (from the kiddos)

Both my father and my husband have a love affair going on with MAC products and if you’ve popped over to the website lately you know – you need a second job to cover the costs. When I ask what they’d like as gifts they usually reply, “Anything from MAC.” Um. Okay. Sure. Last year I had my kids make gifts for their dad. Along with their home made gifts we purchased a few... read more

Splendipity Inc: PERK alert for 8 days only

Splendipity Inc is offering our readers an eight day sale. This sale is not running elsewhere. Dates: April 14-21, 2012 (ends at midnight) PROMO:  Incorrectly packaged items SALE! These items were incorrectly packaged and are drastically reduced for quick sale. QUANTITIES LIMITED!! Original covers in pink, green or blue – just $10 each. Order as many as you like until they are GONE!! CODE:... read more

Autism Awareness Month: Wikki Stix style!

Wikki Stix would like to share the following pages, in honor of Autism Awareness Month and Special Needs. I will blog again, later in the month, with more resources. Here are the first three pages for you to check out! Special Needs : How can Wikki Stix help? Autism toys : Wikki Stix Using Wikki Stix for Kinesthetic Learners I first ‘met’ Wikki Stix on Twitter and quickly found their company... read more

Shop, Sell & Consign Online for kids without leaving home at Little Sprouts Resale Boutique!

Are you searching for a great online kids resale shop for buying and/or selling? Read below to learn more about Little Sprouts Resale Boutique! Are your kids growing like weeds? Do you need help re-growing your little sprouts’ closet for LESS? Don’t have time to get out and shop and/or consign items yourself? Little Sprouts Resale Boutique is an Eco-Friendly, online upscale baby and... read more

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