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Shira & Friends: When You’re a Kid

  We recently reviewed a new CD called Shira & Friends: When You’re a Kid. Shira (not to be confused with my own name – Shara) was kind enough to mail me a CD to review, a while back. I lost it. I felt awful about that but after we moved into our new place, I found it inside a box! So the story has a happy ending. We recently had friends over for dinner: Ros (Ficklets), her husband... read more

Bundle Up and Be Out There Facebook Chat: January 17 at 8pm EST

Bundle Up and Be Out There Facebook Chat Cabin fever making you blue this winter? Join National Wildlife Federation and learn and share tips, tricks and ways to work the outdoors into our busy, chilly schedules for the health and sanity of your family. Outdoor play does a body good. Like Be Out There on Facebook and RSVP and sign up for a chance to win fun prizes. When: Thursday, January 17 at 8pm EST... read more

Mom to Madre Kids: Submit artwork or writing for feature (Preschool through High School)

Mom to Madre has a new page for kids. Mom to Madre Kids is for art and creative writing by kids (both English and Spanish). Please send us a picture of your child’s art or their creative writing in Word, etc., with their grade level, and we’ll post it. Your child can then send the link to family and friends to show what they’ve created. It’s just for fun and to celebrate the... read more

School fund-raising idea: Time to get Slimy!

Read below to learn more about the Slimy Bookworm school fund-raising idea for book lovers, teachers and parents alike! Fill out the simple form (the link is below) and you’ll get the ball rolling within 24 hours. Bola – Tell us about your school fund-raiser option. It’s been well documented that kids living in a home with at least 20 books go on to do better in life, regardless of their... read more

Traveling with kids? Get your Wikki on!

Not long ago my mother asked if I’d like to come visit the rest of my family – out of state. I replied, “Um. I love you mom but the thought of driving across the state with four kids sounds a little less fun than the idea of poking my eyeballs out.” I can assure you, however, that if I do get up the nerve to travel with my kiddos I’ll be popping over to the Wikki Stix... read more

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