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Four Steps to Creating a Twitter Strategy that Drives Results

Four Steps to Creating a Twitter Strategy that Drives Results Over the past decade the concept of marketing has undergone drastic changes. We used to rely on mass marketing to deliver uniform messages to every member of our target audience, but technology has brought us the ability to easily implement communication strategies that deliver customized content based on the specific interests of the members... read more

Nellie Akalp shares tips for women entrepreneurs

Interview with Nellie Akalp, owner of CorpNet. Below, Nellie shares tips for women entrepreneurs. If a mom business owner decides to shut down her business, what first steps should she take? When you’re preparing to shut down a business, you need to think about it from both a legal and customer service angle. First, you need to take care of your current customers: do you have any open contracts or orders?... read more

3 Great Reasons to Start a Jewellery Store Online

3 Great Reasons to Start a Jewellery Store Online Thousands of people worldwide are looking for the fastest, most convenient way to supplement their income by putting their talents to good use. If you love fancy, one-of-a-kind embellishments and have the tools, skills, time and creativity required to launch your very own line of accessories, you may want to consider building and running a jewellery... read more

What is Healthgist?

Bola, tell us about your new site Healthgist. Why did you start this site? Healthgist is all about delivering relevant and accurate health information to women. We have been referred to as “WebMD in heels.” The idea for the site came in December 2012. I had just survived a terrible car accident and was home for a few days with a broken foot. I was in the final stages of selling another online... read more

Interview on

Interview on Recently, I was invited to answer questions for an interview on You can read a portion of the interview below and click over to complete the reading, if wanted. A big thanks to – I appreciate the opportunity! What is “Mint brings all your financial accounts together online or on your mobile device, automatically categorizes your transactions,... read more

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